Léopold Lambert is a French architect[e] who has been successively a Parisian, a Hong Konger, a Mumbaikar, a New Yorker, and back to a Parisian. In addition of his enthusiasm for design, he is the writer/editor of The Funambulist and the author of Weaponized Architecture: The Impossibility of Innocence (dpr-barcelona 2012). He is currently publishing the twelve first volumes of The Funambulist Pamphlets and the first volume of The Funambulist Papers with Punctum Books through the CTM Documents Initiative. He is also the coordinator/editor of Archipelago, the podcast platform of The Funambulist that releases conversations with thinkers and creators of the world on a weekly basis.

contact: leopold.funambulist (gmail.com)


11 Comments on “ABOUT

    • Merci beaucoup. Desole, j’ai ecrit l’article a une vitesse qui ne m’a pas fait cite explicitement votre site, c’est desormais repare.
      Je l’explorerai plus en detail tres tres vite mais merci pour la transcription de la conversation entre Negri et Deleuze.
      A bientot

  1. just discovered your site while looking for “19th century american bearing wall systems” on google advanced image search….do you send notifications?

  2. Stumbled on to your blog this week and just have to tell how fantastic it is. I am very much looking forward to exploring and delving into your impressive collection. Bravo!

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