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“Collapse” / Photograph by Léopold Lambert in Aulnay-sous-Bois during the 2005 revolt THE BANLIEUES /// In last January, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls described the situation of the French banlieues (suburbs) as “a territorial, social, ethnic apartheid.” Beyond the problematic use of the term of “apartheid” that tends to normalize South Africa’s history — I personally use it in the context of Palestine, because the political intensities of both situations are somehow comparable —… Read More

Masterplan for a new Egyptian Capital by Skidmore Owings, & Merrill (2015) About a month ago, the General el-Sisi’s administration announced that the Egyptian government will be soon building a new capital city for the country. Designed by the famous American architecture office Skidmore Owings, & Merrill (SOM), the masterplan of this new city places it in the desert about 50 miles East of Cairo, thus continuing a politics of expansion to the… Read More

Maps created by Léopold Lambert for The Funambulist (April 2015) / Download a high-quality version of them here (5.5MB) (license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 4.0) The following article is not an analysis of the current Syrian situation, simply a collection of facts that, I hope, are more imprecise than inaccurate. When a situation is this much complex however, documents that gather this kind of information appear as helpful — if not for anyone else, at least… Read More

Rachel Corrie confronting a Israeli army bulldozer before being killed by it (March 13, 2003) A few months ago, I learned that Judith Butler was going to give a lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science about the notion of human shields. Butler’s choice for this notion is very likely to have been motivated by its systematic use by the Israeli army during last dreadful summer to justify the two thousand… Read More

I am very happy to announce that the second volume of The Funambulist Papers and its 26 great contributions are now published by punctum books in association with the Center for Transformative Media at Parsons The New School for Design. As for every Funambulist books, it is available both in printed and open-access version on punctum books’s website. For more information, see the introduction below, as well as the index. THE FUNAMBULIST PAPERS: VOLUME… Read More

Still from The Village under the Forest by Mark J Kaplan and Heidi Grunebaum (2013) Too often along the lines of the work articulated here, I tend to propose a vision of Palestine that is involuntarily centered on a post-1967 narrative. The latter reinforces the essential separation between the various people living on this territory, while forgetting the 5 millions Palestinian refugees from the political equation. It also encourages a future vision aiming towards the so-called “two-state… Read More

Carcel de San Pedro in La Paz / Photographs by Martin Konerding & Erik Fantasia As many of you know, the topic of the prison is a particularly important one on The Funambulist. Questioning the prison is approached through two primary aspects: the necessity for such an institution to materialize into an architecture to implement its function serves as a paradigm of the relation architecture and societies maintain (see past article for instance), and… Read More