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Still from Jarhead by Sam Mendes (2005) Oil is a fascinating geological product that contains in itself thousands of years old fossils and sediments and which drives explicitly or implicitly the majority of the world geopolitical behaviors. In his book Cyclonopedia (see the numerous previous articles about it), Reza Negarestani claims that the Middle East is a sentient entity whose shit is oil. Building-up on Deleuze and Guattari’s Thousand Plateaus and their… Read More

The conversation I have been having with Ahmad Barclay and Dena Qaddumi is now published in their Arena of Speculation. This epistolary discussion was about Weaponized Architecture and more specifically applied to the Palestinian spatial struggle. In one week or two it will be followed by another one I had with Regine Debatty from We Make Money Not Art. Both of these conversations have been oriented in such a way that they can… Read More

I re-watched Gaspard Noé’s Enter the Void yesterday and thought that I should try to write about it as this film has been intriguing and fascinating many people including myself. The subjective point of view of the camera is forcing the viewer to become the main character and thus creating a continuous single shot from the beginning of the movie to the end. However, this unique cinematographic aesthetics should not make us… Read More

My friends of Socks-Studio recently posted a very interesting pseudo-documentary created by Dutch artist Floris Kaayk. This film (see below) about a fictitious disease that can be imagined in a near future in which the transplantation of metallic prosthetic to the human body will be developed and banalized. F.Kaayk thus describes a form of mutation of the organism that would start to grow metal as part of the body. This parasitic new… Read More

Two weeks ago, I was  lucky enough again to be part of a very interesting jury at Columbia University for the final review of the studio tutored by Francois Roche assisted by Ezio Blasetti and Miranda Romer. Like the last three year (2008, 2009, 2010), one project/scenario particularly triggered my imagination and critical sense. This year’s story,  Sadic(t)ropisms or The Intransigent Pursuit of the Sublime is being recounted by Farzin Lotfi-Jam &… Read More

ARCHIPELAGOS 03 Moderated by Caroline Filice Smith Title of the Event/Island: Violence, Segregation, and Solidarity Location of the Event/Island: 97 Kenmare St  New York Date of the Event/Island: Wednesday the 21st of December; 3-5 pm Although statements of solidarity and non-violence can be heard at most General Assemblies and Occupations across the country; the urban and architectural typologies found within the Occupy LA camp defaulted into normalized zones of exclusion and segregation [ie:the… Read More

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of what has been called the Arab Spring as well as the three months anniversary of Occupy Wall Street which was celebrated by a certain amount of actions among which one appeared to me as particularly interesting in terms of the practice of the city. Following the arrest of fifty people for attempting to occupy a vacant lot in New York belonging to Trinity Church, we… Read More

Jack Kerouac: The Rooms, the Dioramas, the Maps by Sofia Krimizi Archipelagos 01 / November 22nd 2011 / Brooklyn (USA) On the road is a novel written by Jack Kerouac, in 1951- published in 1957, on a 120-foot long roll of semi-translucent teletype paper. This scroll allowed Kerouac to continuously feed a typewriter and write without interruption for three consecutive weeks a single-spaced text that he later edited by pencil. On the… Read More

On November 15th, the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg and Brookfield Properties, “owner” of the public space of liberty square triggered an operation that evicted the occupiers from the place in order to “re-open” the square to the public. One month later, the square is still barricaded and controlled by private security forces. A while ago, I read the entire text that organizes legally the privately owned public spaces (see previous… Read More

FERNANDO PESSOA: HETERONYMS by Carla Leitão Archipelagos 01 / November 22nd 2011 / Brooklyn (USA) FERNANDO PESSOA (1888-1935) This synthesis is a guideline of particular topics and themes around the portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms, as they were suggested and discussed by Carla Leitão during the event “Archipelagos 01”. This synthesis is not an essay nor an introduction to the work of this poet writer. This text does not contain… Read More

FYODOR DOESTOIEVSKYY: THE TYRANNY OF LOGIC, THE VOICE OF BLOOD, AND INNER DISHARMONY. By Martin Byrne Archipelagos 01 / November 22nd 2011 / Brooklyn (USA) If you’ve ever seen a dog twitch and start in one direction, then leap a step in another only to finally bound away in a third direction, you’ve seen a glimpse into the Dostoevskian man’s mind.  He is no wolf, because he is domesticated, yet neither is… Read More

Human Writes by William Forsythe (2005) /// Photograph by Julian Gabriel Richter Today’s essay has been written by Hiroko Nakatani in a way that allies scientific rigorousness and the subjectivity of an architect who finds in these experiments, a way to re-introduce the notion of the body in architecture. Starting from the Spinozist assessment that body and mind cannot be separated, Hiroko then overtakes a short inventory of scientific experiments that confirms… Read More

SACRED MATTER: A MATERIALIST READING OF ANTONIN ARTAUD’S WORK by Léopold Lambert Archipelagos 01 / November 22nd 2011 / Brooklyn (USA)           The life and work of Antonin Artaud is so rich that there seems to be hundreds of different approaches on what can be said about them. Michel Foucault, for example, was greatly influenced by Artaud’s related experience in psychiatric hospitals as well as the problematic power exercised by doctors. Deleuze… Read More

On November 22nd, we held the first event of Archipelagos, Four Architects / Four Writers which followed the only rule of this series, consisting in dedicating 50% of the time to an open conversation between everybody present. This post proposes to release the video of the four research reports as well as the audio track (sorry, we have been experiencing technical issues with the video) of the conversation that followed. I will… Read More

This article is the second sequel of the one called “The Weight of the Body Falling” that was followed by another entitled Spinozist collision. When those two articles were insisting on the weight of bodies, in particular when they fall and hit a surface, this one is dedicated, on the contrary, to work that celebrate the lightness of those who manage to play with gravity to a certain extent of transgression. Three… Read More

The Future Past symposium draws together five young architectural graduates and a group of interested attendees to discuss the possibility of using the past to re-imagine a future. It is a free event, open to all and with no affiliation to an academic or research institution. Following the only rule of Archipelagos, the speakers will only each give a short, five-minute talk on their views about the topic, in order to dedicate… Read More

Several of my upcoming next posts will be dedicated to the first event of Archipelagos which occured on November 22nd. However, before doing so, I would like to call for the creation of new “islands” in these archipelagos of dezinstitutionalized knowledge. If you are willing to organize events of this kind, you can click on the page (see in the menu above) dedicated to them and apply from wherever you are in… Read More

Judith Butler spoke twice at Occupy Wall Street on October 23rd 2011 and, as an excellent theoretician of the bodies, brought this anatomical and biological dimension to the debate. Using the human mic has the advantage to force people who use it to reduce their speech to the essential, and in that case, gives us this beautiful ode to the physicality of the occupation: “It matters that as bodies we arrive together… Read More