# LITERATURE /// Fox News terrified by The Coming Insurrection

I just read an excellent book called The Coming Insurrection (L’insurrection qui vient in French) which is a very well written pamphlet just as there is not so many nowadays. This book written by The Invisible Comity is conceiding absolutely nothing to the system and propose to gather as communes to propose an alternative of society.
It will be released in English this month and is published thanks to the MIT Press (in France it is published by the excellent La Fabrique).
I happen to see an incredible review of it which has been done by Glenn Beck for Fox News. Conceiding in the end that he did not read the book, he nevertheless attacks for five minutes this book (taking advantage to some advertising for his own) quoting contextless sentences and calling the author the Enemy. Anyway, describing this video is not that much usefull, you’d rather watch it yourself considering a lot of people are litteraly driven by this mad guy.